Leaving Chicago – on to the floods of Pennsylvania

Our last day in Chicago, moving on to Philadelphia and their torrential rain, floods and evacuations.

But yesterday, we saw the grand opening of Top Shop in Michigan Avenue, the most prestigious shopping street in Chicago. Well, saw it from the bus window anyway. Sir Philip Green was in town - spotted in person by my wife yesterday outside the shop. Whatever you think of his tax affairs and his report on government procurement, it's good to see a firm that is at least somewhat "British" doing well in the US.

Just around the corner from Spend Matters HQ...

And there are scurrilous rumours circulating about my true reasons for being in Chicago. Just around the corner (literally) from the Spend Matters global HQ, another new retail outlet had its grand opening on Wednesday evening. But I would just like to confirm that although we were in the pub over the road, Mr Busch and I did not participate in any activities connected to the "Hustler Honeys".


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  1. PlanBee:

    I thought you might be there to be homage to the home of Andersen, sorry I mena Accenture and pay penance for your gross error of judgement a couple of weeks back

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