Leaving on a Jet Plane – to Dubai and Real World Sourcing

As this post is published (Tuesday morning), and assuming all has gone well at Heathrow, I will be on a flight to Dubai. This is my first ever trip outside Europe or North America, I’m slightly ashamed to say. First time on an Emirates flight also, but unfortunately only economy class. You get your own little private room in First apparently...

I’m with Guy Allen, now running Real World Sourcing, his own consulting firm, and we’ve off to deliver the first of four events this year we’re doing in Dubai for Tejari, the BravoSolution owned software / advisory business based in the Emirates.

The events are based on the “Real World Sourcing” series we’ve done and are doing with BravoSolution in the UK through 2012 and 2013. They’ve been well received, so we’re seeing how they go down in another part of the world. Apparently Tejari have around 70 registrations for tomorrow’s event, so that sounds promising.

The region appears to be pulling out of the global financial problems of 2008/9, which did affect Dubai and the property world strongly, and by all accounts there is a lot of activity again in that sector, as well as energy (obviously), retail, and tourism. I believe we will have a mix of locals and ex-pats in the audience, so I’m looking forward to expanding my own knowledge of life a long way from Camberley.

Guy is leading off with his session on Spend Analytics, then I’m going to be talking about “taking on a new category”  (in a category management context).  We will start by looking at whether it's easier to take on a category that is new territory for procurement, or one that has been managed by someone else?

And in that context, what is the first question you should ask your boss, when you get that tap on the shoulder and she says, “Peter, I’d like you to take on Category X for us. I know we haven’t had much involvement before in that area, but I’m sure there are opportunities”.

We’ll see what the group tomorrow think about that, and I might give you my answer later this week when I report back on the success - or otherwise - of our trip!


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