Some light (procurement) reading for the hols…

It occurred to us that in those dark days between Christmas and New Year, when you're fed up with the TV, you might like to get your brains working again by reading some of the research papers we've published this year.

The first two both address advanced sourcing technology and processes - "market-informed sourcing" as we call it. Every procurement person who claims to be a professional should in our opinion be familiar with what is now possible in this field.

Sourcing Optimisation – Extracting Value from Complexity This paper looks at how optimisation tools are changing the way in which organisations can achieve increased value and performance from large-scale and complicated sourcing challenges.

Market-Informed Sourcing: A game-changer for Procurement How advanced sourcing tools can release significant benefits, but only if procurement reconsiders and adapts fundamental ‘category management’ thinking and processes.

This next one is principally aimed at public sector folk who use frameworks, and uses an example of a contract for schools' catering - but there is discussion about the pros and cons of frameworks and PSLs which would apply to anyone who uses such tools.

Driving Real Value from Multiple Supplier Framework Contracts This paper explains how technology can simplify contracting and help buyers maintain competitive pressure when using frameworks, in the public sector and beyond

Indirect services are often a stumbling block for procurement people and functions- this Paper looks at how you can increase your chance of success in these categories.

NEW! Managing Indirect Services – Procurement’s Greatest Opportunity? Procurement executives and functions can succeed in complex services categories; but only if they approach the task in the right way, with the appropriate tools and techniques.

Then we have three shorter, lighter papers, one based on a public sector issue, and including a nice picture of spotted dick....

School Catering: Value for schools; nutrition and enjoyment for children This case study focuses on a group of schools who have used a framework contract and an innovative software platform to let new catering contracts that will provide flexibility and value.

Here's a thought-provoking piece on why you should should look to change things even when they're going well!

If it ain’t broke, fix it! This opinion paper explains why organisations don’t embrace change when they should, and highlights four key areas where procurement functions and people should be considering radical change.

And finally, don't forget our "Ten New Year's Resolutions" paper, avaiable here via the BravoSolution website.


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