How should we use LinkedIn – and a selection of great search4 procurement jobs

So, with our new Spend Matters search4 procurement jobs website a few weeks old, we’ve been wondering – should we be using LinkedIn in some way that would obviously promote what we’re doing and be useful to our readers here, and potential candidates on the jobs site?

I really don’t know. Should we start a Spend Matters or search4 procurement Group? Or are there enough of those already? I use LinkedIn a reasonable  amount personally, but I just don’t have a clear view of what we should be doing more “corporately”. So any LinkedIn experts reading, advice very gratefully received and a reward of some sort for any real insights!

In the meantime - there are lots of great jobs of course on search4 procurement.

How about Global Head of Procurement, IT & Technology, £100K plus benefits? London based and I have a sneaky suspicion it could be financial services...

One of Market Dojo’s customers down in lovely Dorset need a valves and instrumentation buyer urgently..

Or a European Senior Buyer with a technical or engineering background for the Automotive industry, £60K (Euros) plus very good benefits, in Belgium.

Staying on the international theme – how about a Global Head of Procurement in the aerospace / defence sector and based in Asia (that’s a pretty wide area...)! £125K plus package for what sounds like a really top level job.

This one is interesting – the ad is a little bit cautious about naming the organisation, but I think I’ve worked it out.. £45-55K for a number of category manager jobs in Liverpool. If it is who I think it is, I can personally vouch for the fact that this organisation is doing some stuff that is right at the leading edge of procurement practice...

Then there are also interim roles – for instance, a P2P Project specialist wanted, a range of possible locations for instance.  £450 a day for that...

I could go on all day! Do take a look yourself – and please tell your friends and colleagues about us...

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