Listen Again To Our Webinar – Is An Integrated Source to Pay Solution Right for You?

Last week we ran the BravoSolution Real World Procurement webinar titled Is An Integrated Source to Pay Solution Right for You?

We had a good attendance, particularly for the “European edition” at lunchtime. The evening session aimed at the US audience happened to coincide with the Amazon Data Services problem which meant we were operating on limited bandwidth, so that delegates could not see my beautiful charts and diagrammes on the slide! Hopefully that did not affect matters too much and I believe everyone got copies of the full slides later.

Indeed, you can still register here and get access to the webinar if you missed it at the time. I talked about the concept of source  to pay and its advantages in terms of aspects such as the concept of the “single source of truth” around vendor master data, and the benefits of as single platform in terms of maintenance, resilience, training and user-friendliness.

We try to be balanced of course so we also looked at what “best of breed” approaches have to offer, and there will always be specialist solutions that will provide valuable capability for some users in certain areas.

I usually find that the Q&A sessions on these webinars are both interesting (hopefully for me and the audience) and useful. This one was no exception. There were a couple of questions about the size and nature of organisations for whom S2P would be appropriate. That was interesting because you might think the answer is that it will be more applicable for larger organisations. However, the questions made me re-think that.

Smaller organisations, or those that are less mature in procurement terms, are in fact less likely to have the range of existing procurement technology that we find in many larger organisations. So from that point of view, it may be easier for those to go straight for the S2P approach from square one of their procurement technology strategy and implementation. On the other hand, whilst it may well be that S2P is also the right strategy for the bigger firms, it may need more effort in terms of developing the business case if there is already a multi-system / solution provider software landscape in place.

It has parallels with the use of eProcurement (and eGovernment generally) in the public sector around the world; some of the most advanced countries are not those you might expect. Estonia for instance is right at the top of the list – and that may be in part because they did not have a long history of less advanced software and computing already when the latest wave of digitalisation really kicked off a few years back. They could jump almost directly from paper-based processes to the very latest technology, whereas Germany, the UK, US and so on had transition from the legacy systems to worry about.

Anyway, we had some good questions during the webinar, so as well as my 22 minute presentation, you can hear how I coped with those too if you check it out here.

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