Looking forward to Reading Festival – tremendous little known artists on the BBC Introducing Stage

Look (as Tony Blair used to say, before he said something that he knew we might not like...), I know not all our readers appreciate music, but next weekend is the greatest rock music - in the wider sense of that word i.e. not just metal-type rock  -  festival in the world, and I will be there. Reading / Leeds run from next Friday to Sunday, so with apologies to those of you who aren't musos, we will have a bit more music content this coming week, and a bit less procurement.

And to kick that off, I wanted to demonstrate just how much great music there is out there. So today we have five artists who are playing the BBC Introducing Stage. Not the Main Stage, or the NME Tent, or the Lock-Up, or even the Festival Republic Tent. The Introducing stage is a little hut in the middle of the arena, but it is a first step for young / new artists to experience the whole Reading / Leeds vibe.

So here are five artists I'd never heard of till a few days ago when they announced the line-up for that stage. And  they all sound excellent. None of them might make it - but last year, Rizzlekicks were on the Introducing Stage. Three weeks ago they were featured in the Olympics opening ceremony. You never know.

And anyone who is going to Reading and wants to meet up for a beer - let me know. But be warned - my schedule for the three days covers 55 bands, across 5 stages, so I do tend to jog between stages and tents ... so it might be a fairly rapid beer.

So to start with, here is the gorgeous voice of Rachel Sermanni.

Now, from Falmouth, the atmospheric Tall Ships - this takes a while to get going but ends well...

Family of the Year - from California! Love it!

Proxies - a London / Yorkshire rock / electronica band who sound seriously excellent. This track sounds like it was made for a huge venue - if this is typical, my money is on this lot to be huge.

And finally, We Were Frontiers from the great city of Leeds itself.

OK, make it six. Deaf Club. Another winner.

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