LUPC offer members a BravoSolution solution

Generally, buying consortia put in place agreements or frameworks for goods and services that their members – or casual customers – want to buy.

But the London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC) has done something a little different and more proactive recently; an agreement with BravoSolution for a “Spend Analysis Shared Service exclusively for LUPC Members”. And it seems to us a good example of innovative and progressive thinking which will benefit their member universities (and other bodies), largely aorund the South-East of  England.

Part 1 of the deal means that LUPC can analyse data provided by members, using the BravoSolution tool. This enables LUPC to monitor the use of LUPC agreements and identify for the member where the consortium and the individual member could work together and achieve more leverage. So it’s mainly a diagnostic / opportunity assessment for the member organisation, and will also have the benefit of course of LUPC being able to understand better their members’ spend profiles.

LUPC are asking members to send them data now. “ You can ensure that your Institution is included in this important shared services project by sending us your 2009-10 summary spend data (AP data) on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to

Part 2 of the deal means that LUPC members can purchase the full set of BravoSolution spend analysis tools at a discounted ‘group rate’. So those who want to do a more detailed analysis have that opportunity at an affordable price.

“You can access a whole series of reports using a web-based system rich in functionality, allowing you to carry out your own detailed analysis to help identify trends and procurement buying or process savings for your Institution. Full training is available.”

It’s a good to see a collaborative body doing something that  isn’t just a deal to save members a bit of cash and time (valuable though that is) which is the case with most collaborative deals. This is about actually helping member organisations to develop better procurement capability, with potential long-term benefits. As such, it’s definitely to be applauded.

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