The mad world of football deals

Can anyone explain the mad world of football in terms of their commercial thinking? No, I'm not talking about Darren Bent being 'worth' allegedly as much as £20 million, although....

I was thinking more about why managers get engaged on three year contracts with apparently no notice period or get out clauses?

Not even CEOs of top firms get that sort of deal now; and can you imagine agreeing anything like that sort of deal with a supplier?  And the end result is events such as Liverpool apparently paying RoyHodgson £7.5 million to go away after his pretty unsuccessful 6 months as manager.  Why on earth give him a three-year contract in the first place?

If baffles me. But perhaps I should be trying to sell consulting services - or blog sponsorship - to football clubs....

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  1. Public sector refugee:

    It is a fantasy world which is fairly reminiscent of baking before the crash. If one of the top clubs went bankrupt it would bring a healthy note of reality to the game. My club nearly went out of business several times in the 90s and as a direct result is now one of the better managed lower league teams. It remains to be seen if Platini’s attempts to bring financial honesty to club football will work but all the evidence is that the big clubs are still operating on the “too big to go broke ” principle. Sound familiar?

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