Making a Difference – Thoughts for Procurement Professionals at eWorld

We’re only a week away from eWorld Procurement and Supply now, next Tuesday 27th September at the QEII Conference Centre just over the road from Westminster Abbey. It is a great chance to see a range of interesting solution providers, as well as taking advantage of a varied conference programme.

I wasn’t intending to perform, planning just to go along and ask difficult questions as I tend to do, but I got persuaded into taking on a “workshop” slot. That was sold to me on the basis of “no PowerPoint slides, no formal presentation”. So the idea is I talk for 5 to 10 minutes, then we throw things open to the floor for a discussion. OK, I thought, so that doesn’t need much preparation, I’ll do it.

Well of course it still does need some work, because you feel that the 5 minutes has to be good in order to get the discussion going. Given that, quite a bit of thought has going into it, and the topic I’ve chosen is “Making a Difference – Philosophical and Practical Thoughts for Procurement Professionals”.

We’re going to be discussing whether our “legacy” in life and work matters. Do we have wider responsibilities in our jobs rather than just doing what we’re told by our boss or our organisation? If we answer “yes” to that, then how can we behave with that in mind - without being fired? And how as a procurement professional might we turn general aspirations to “do the right thing” into real action?

I will keep things practical, I promise. Unless you are prepared to give up everything, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and to the organisations that employ us. That can’t be forgotten even if we do want to pursue something more, a wider agenda. So we’ll talk about that dilemma, and how we might be able to resolve it.

Anyway, let’s not get into too much detail now. And remember, there will be other sessions on at the same time as mine, so you don’t have to go through this deep thinking if you don’t want to! As we said previously, there are some very good sessions, and remember to get there in time for the keynote from Giles Breault and Sammy Rashed, which I know will be a highlight.

The event is free to senior practitioners; you can book here; and we’ll see you next week.

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