Management Consulting – Boom or Bust? Source for Consulting tell us

My co-author and guru of the management consulting world, Fiona Czerniawska, with her colleagues in Source for Consulting, have published the 2012 Management Consulting Market report - the most authoritative report available on the consulting market in Europe, Middle East and India.

In a blog last week, Edward Haigh of Source talks about the "haves and the have nots". Which countries are seeing a boom in consulting spend - and which are not? Some of it is much as we might have expected. The more stable Middle East countries are growing strongly but from a small base. Germany is growing at 7% from a much stronger starting point, while the UK, France and Scandinavia are "bumping along" with a fairly flat picture.

The countries where things are less positive include, not surprisingly, Spain, with a 3% fall and Italy, where the market contracted by 10% last year.  But as Haigh says,

"..what might come as a greater surprise to those who are starting to regard Europe as a place in which the alps aren’t the only thing dividing north and south, is the performance of the Benelux market. That appears to have fallen by only slightly less than Italy. In fact the stories we heard from consultants there – and in the Netherlands in particular – were about as gloomy as anything we heard anywhere".

Interesting - is the southern contagion spreading? How will France and the UK look this time next year? Anyway, if you're a professional services category manager, or indeed a professional services provider, we'd suggest you take a look at the report -  and indeed at Source generally if you don't know them already.


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