Market Dojo – How It Figures in the eSourcing Provider Q2 SolutionMap Benchmark Rankings

Spend Matters Q2 SolutionMap global procurement solution provider and platform capabilities benchmark rankings was launched in July this year. While many of the players in the release are North America based, there are some European firms entering, or establishing themselves, within SolutionMap. We aim to highlight their positioning and give you an overview of their ranking, with full insight available through the SolutionMap series of free-to-use and subscription-based deep-dive services within SolutionMap Insider membership, including Provider Scoring Summaries and Customer Insight Reports.

To give you an idea of how the rankings work: SolutionMap covers 12 categories of procurement technology: e-Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay (I2P), Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Source-to-Pay (S2P), Sourcing, Spend and Procurement Analytics, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Risk, Strategic Procurement Technologies, and Contingent Workforce (covering Contract Services/Statement of Work, Temp Staffing and Independent Contract Workers). For each, it provides an easy-to-navigate matrix, where vendors are mapped according to their categories and ‘personas’ – these personas are nimble, deep, configurator, turn-key, CIO-friendly and optimizer. For a definition of each see How to Interpret SolutionMap Procurement Provider Technology Rankings. These permutations are created to map to companies’ needs when identifying a vendor shortlist during a procurement tech selection process.

There are four market positions within which a potential solution provider can be placed: emergent contender, customer leader, solution leader or value leader. As market positions change, so the vendor moves through the matrix, quarter by quarter.

In this quarter’s release, and for the first time, the analysis looks at platform-level capability and allows potential technology users to discern the level of integration between product modules and suites, overall interoperability with ERP and broader technologies, as well as the quality and effectiveness of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Today we are highlighting Market Dojo, Stonehouse, Bristol and London based eSourcing software and supply chain solutions provider, covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Its solutions include specifically: reverse auctions, category spend insight, supplier onboarding and contract management.

In this category Market Dojo shows as a ‘Value Leader’ (upper-right-hand of the quadrant indicating it is a provider with above-average analyst and customer scores) for the ‘nimble’ persona (described by analyst Nick Heinzmann as ‘systems that just work’).

Market Dojo also scores as a ‘Customer Leader’ (lower-right-hand of the quadrant indicating it is a recommended provider with above-average customer scores) for the deep, configurator, turn-key and CIO-friendly personas. As the 2016 Spend Matters in-depth vendor analysis, background, solution overview, SWOT and market competitive analysis said then:

“eSourcing … has morphed into a core enabler of strategic sourcing for companies of arguably any size with sufficient spend concentration to warrant a standardized or competitive process. UK-based Market Dojo, one of the handful of standalone sourcing platforms targeted at the middle market, has quietly played an important part in this transformation … Not without limitations, Spend Matters' analysis of the Market Dojo platform positions it as a shortlist candidate to fill the sourcing needs of middle market procurement organizations that require a simple, but solid, platform to transform their sourcing efforts and bring it into modern times. In addition to providing RFX, Auction, and supplier information management capability, Market Dojo also offers an innovative category management application that can help an organization analyze its categories, prioritize opportunities and identify the sourcing strategy that is most likely to be the most effective. This is a unique application that is not even present in the suites of many larger providers, at least not as preconfigured as in Market Dojo’s case.” Read that series here.

This Spend Matters PRO vendor snapshot also provides a summary of recommended fit suggestions for the organisations that might consider Market Dojo as a provider.

If you are a provider wishing to understand more about how to become included in the SolutionMap rankings, read this.

Participation is free, and a good start is to register your profile on our free Almanac provider listing.



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