Marketing Services procurement – “Choosing the right tools” paper available for download

We told you about our new paper “Choosing the Right Tools - How Procurement can better align with both trade and brand marketing’s needs”  the other day, sponsored by ProProcure.  It’s a concise read and not intended to be the last word on the topic, but we think it raises some interesting wider issues for procurement functions and executives.

For instance, how far should you go to accommodate the wishes of your internal stakeholders? As we say in the paper, if you try and impose processes or tools on marketing (or indeed any other colleagues) that don’t align with their objectives and the way they work, then you will have a struggle.  Now, there may be exceptions – if the CEO and CFO announce a major ERP implementation and a full-fledged change programme to support a transition to that platform, then of course people will eventually change the way they work.

But in my experience, procurement doing that sort of thing without that top level commitment ... the chances are not so good. On the other hand, (and as we wrote about in “Buying Professional Services”), I’m not a fan of the “faithful servant” model, where procurement simply does as its told by stakeholders.

The trick is to get the balance. There’s nothing wrong with having policies, standard processes and the like, but if procurement wants to be credible and accepted, it really helps if they do stack up well with the aims of the business and key functions.

So, for instance, there are examples of procurement behaviour that are pretty much guaranteed to get marketing colleagues annoyed!  As we say in the paper -

We’ve seen clear examples of this procurement insensitivity:

·                A focus on driving down headline costs of marketing campaigns whilst disregarding the value that a truly effective campaign can bring.

·                Using tender processes and documents that may work for buying stationery or cleaning services, but really don’t apply to media buying or engaging a social media strategist!

·                Forcing systems onto marketing that were never designed to cope with the products and services they want to buy, or the processes marketing want to use.

 And you can download the paper – free on registration – here now.

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