Matthew Parris to speak at CIPS dinner

Matthew Parris is to be the guest speaker at the CIPS Annual Dinner, as Supply Management reports.

He is a returning guest star - he spoke at the CIPS dinner in - now, let's think.. it was before I was President, so that's pre 2003, but I didn't start going to them till about 1995..  so I'm think it was around the turn of the Millennium.  I do remember because I'm a huge admirer of his Times columns, which are one of the highlights of my reading week.

I recall him as being interesting but perhaps a little dry and serious for the occasion back then (whenever it was). He also wrote the other week about how he spoke at the Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School’s recently in Ashbourne  and told the kids how their parents' generation have screwed up their futures: (from the Times of Dec. 24th):

Instead I tried to explain something they might not already know. That they were in for a shock: “A tough and maybe disillusioning start to your adult lives.

“You in your time — unlike your parents and me in ours — will not be lifted automatically by a gently, continuously rising tide of prosperity and growth. It will not be enough to wait for that rising tide to lift you all into jobs and houses. The tide is going out. Britain has run out of money. You and your age group will be the first since the Second World War to take the consequences of this — head on.

“There’s a reason. You’ve been robbed. By my generation. We got the benefits. Now you get the bills.”

I wonder if we might see a similarly challenging message at this year’s dinner, to be held at the Hilton Park Lane in London on 14 March?! That would be interesting!

See you there!

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