Me? Committing Procurement Fraud? How Dare You!

If I accused you of committing fraud or of acting corruptly in your role as a procurement professional (or indeed whatever role you currently fill), how would you react?

I suspect you would be angry. You might shout at me, or worse.

You might be indignant – how dare you accuse me of these sins or crimes?

You would be hurt.  Me?  You really think I’m the sort of person who would do that?

You could become threatening. I’ll sue you for slander. I’ll get you back – you haven’t heard the end of this.

All of these emotions and responses are totally understandable.  That’s certainly how I expect I would react in a similar situation.  Now, let’s imagine that I’m accusing someone who, it turns out, really has been committing fraud. How might they react?

You see the problem.

Their reaction is likely be exactly the same as that of the totally innocent, wrongly accused individual. They may be dissembling, rather than expressing genuine emotion, but they are likely to make the same responses. How dare you!

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