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Andrew Karpie

It’s about time we introduced our readers to the brilliant people behind the vendor and product/service insight and analysis, consulting work and Solution Map and Pro ingeniousness we keep bringing you.

Andrew Karpie is the lead analyst focused on the evolving contingent workforce and services (CW/S) technology solutions space. He is a recognised expert in the area of online platforms and direct sourcing of independent (gig/freelance) workforce. His research interests also include the emergence of new technology solutions for sourcing and management of complex services.

A native ‘northeasterner’ now transplanted to California, Andrew pursued liberal studies and earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut. He went on to study statistics, economics and finance and earn his Master of Science degree at Carnegie Mellon University. After grad school, Andrew’s multi-disciplinary, cross-industry business management/executive career began with his early quantitative analyst roles through manager/director-level roles in financial planning/analysis, corporate development and product management (all oriented around IT and software development). Andrew and a business partner subsequently formed a "virtual" software product development outsourcing company, which later merged with a client in the financial software space.

Andrew became the VP of Product Management/Strategy at the merged company, which tripled in size over 3 years and was sold at a premium to its UK-based competitor, London Bridge Software. From 2000 to 2010, he assumed senior leadership roles in four small or mid-sized software companies in the areas of data analytics, logistics and HR.  In 2011, Andrew decided it was time to shift gears and return to his analyst roots, focusing on platforms and technology and how they are impacting the human capital space. In 2012, he joined Staffing Industry Analysts, where he covered technology and started the research focus on online platforms.  Andrew joined Spend Matters in 2015, where he has been a nuisance ever since. Behind the looking glass, Andrew is married and lives in the heart of Silicon Valley (where it now seems you can’t cross a street without being almost run over by a Tesla).

The interesting stuff:

The rugged northern California coast; black swans; rational discourse; wit and irony; honesty, empathy and fairness; watching dark Scandinavian crime TV series; and observing technology transform industries every now and then.

Lots of things that others like; nerve agents, radioactive tea and falling out of windows; deus ex machina;  duplicity and disingenuousness; pickled watermelon; the fly in my ointment; cold, wet socks.

Would most like to meet:
No no #1, just a lot of #2s, #3s, etc. And he doesn’t feel any urgency to meet them.

How he fell into Procurement:
Right down a rabbit hole.

The topic he could discuss for hours on end:
None that come to mind—I find I’m becoming more equanimeous with age, he says.  But if you have one, he’d be glad to try it out, sit down with you and talk and see how far you both get.   


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