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It’s about time we introduced our readers to the brilliant people behind the vendor and product/service insight and analysis, the consulting work, and the SolutionMap and Pro ingeniousness we keep bringing you.

Michael Lamoureux is Spend Matters Consulting Lead Analyst on Strategic Procurement Technologies and Advanced Technology Applications. As an expert in Algorithms, Analytics, and Optimisation, he's primed to evaluate, and advise on, the most advanced and innovative applications on the market today.

He's also a scholar, researcher, solution engineer, optimisation guru, writer, vagabond, leader, futurist, anti-prophet, and "the doctor" of Sourcing Innovation - which happens to be the only other blog that has been covering the Sourcing and Procurement space for over a decade!

He's been leading innovation in web technologies, e-Commerce, e-Procurement, Optimisation, Analytics, and even AI for the past two decades in various roles which have included Chief Architect, Chief Research Scientist, CTO, Assistant Professor, Blogger, and Technology Analyst. His PhD in Computer Science combined with his deep industry background and extensive knowledge about Supply Management gives him unique insights into not only what is driving innovation today but what will be driving innovation tomorrow (which is subject matter he's dived into many times on Spend Matters Pro [membership required], taking lead on foundational series on the core technologies in his area, usability, and AI.

He currently lives on the east coast of the Great White North (which is what Americans call Canada), in a place called Halifax that sits smack dab in between the West Coast of the US and the UK (and lives in a time zone that seems to be foreign to the rest of the world that thinks time jumps from North American Eastern Time to Greenwich Mean Time).

The interesting stuff:

Music: '80s Hard Rock; '90s Riot Grrl; '00s Chart Pop (which drowns out any background noise, giving you only one slightly annoying thing to drown out); '10s Rock Revival
TV:  Serialised Sci/Fi / Comic Universe with multi-season pop-lines and well written comedies (few and far between)
Literature: NonFiction Science / Economics / Tech Coverage with an angle that hasn't been written 100 times before
Everything Else: Complex Algorithms (Yes, really) Hard Problems and Cats.

"Predictions" articles, especially those that are uniformed or hype-based; "alternative facts", because there is no such thing (unless you are talking about alternative realities in some sort of multi-dimensional space time theory, but then they can only correspond to an alternative dimension)

Would most like to meet:
Jim Henson (since many of his creations are smarter than many people)

How he fell into Procurement:
It was the Wild West of Enterprise Applications at the time!

The topic he could discuss for hours on end:
Proper Approaches to Business Problem Solving, Technology Application. and Cost Control ... and Why 99%+ of business aren't doing it!

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