Meet the Team – Today Let’s Meet Sheena

It’s about time we introduced our readers to the brilliant people behind the commercial and client services side to Spend Matters.

Sheena Smith (no relation to former MD Peter Smith!) leads Spend Matters' client and commercial team with a focus on innovative programme design and delivering top-quality results. Her client-first mind-set leads to collaborative and engaging programming across the spectrum of Azul Partners sites.

Sheena hails from Seattle, Washington, where she completed an undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Political Science at the University of Washington (and frankly skipped a lot of school to go skiing). She began her career at a large advertising agency as a production assistant, where she was regularly sent out on very strange errands to procure odd items for photo shoots. Her most triumphant accomplishment was to source "the biggest golden pencil you can find," returning with a 14-inch, gleaming pencil within two hours of request (before Amazon!) Her career obviously took off from that point, and she eventually led print production for clients like T-Mobile, Hewlett-Packard, and Ben Bridge Jewelers. She eventually decided that pulling regular all-nighters while declaring billboards "too yellow" at 3am wasn't what she wanted to pursue and moved to Chicago to pursue a Master's in English Literature at DePaul University. Sheena fell in love with Chicago, and ten years later, she now has a Brittany Spaniel, a freshly-rehabbed 1921 Bungalow, and a husband, which she generally cares for in that order (kidding, kidding. Kind of.)

The interesting stuff:

’60s soul music on original 45s, flaky sea salt, hot yoga, listening to yacht rock while wearing Breton stripes, humbly taking credit while saying "no really, it was YOU guys"

the term "low-hanging fruit" in a business context, when people chew ice at the movie theater

Would most like to meet:
She’d like to share a bottle (or two) of Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge with Jim Harrison (the author, NOT lead singer of The Doors - you can add "The Doors" to dislikes, above)

How she fell into procurement:
Utterly cluelessly

The topic she could discuss for hours on end:
Wine, specifically "real" wine (organically grown with zero additives in the cellar). The first "natural" wine I tasted was a Nas del Gegant Rosado (a blend of Cabernet Franc, Garnatxa, Merlot, and Samso). It was like seeing colour for the first time. My dream is to retire to a vineyard, where I'd wear welly boots and a Barbour coat, tromping around my vines on a precocious horse named Jim, surrounded by a pack of loyal and trusted dogs.

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