Merry Christmas from Spend Matters to all our lovely readers and contributors

So come on, what are you doing, reading this? Shouldn’t you be collecting your mother in law (probably what I will be doing as you read this, please keep the M3 clear for me), or doing some desperate last minute shopping, or picking up the turkey from a chaotic supermarket, or maybe just down the pub having that last Christmas drink with your colleagues? No, certainly in the UK, I don’t suppose many of you are doing that, as the vast majority of people knocked off for the holiday last Friday.

All of you under 40 or so may not realise yet, but you will find that time (a fundamentally subjective concept) undoubtedly speeds up as you get older. I cannot believe it is Christmas, whilst we are still debating where to go for our summer holidays. That is summer 2014 holidays, I mean. We never did make Helsinki – 2015 maybe.

Perhaps time slows down again when you get very old, but for me, this year has just flown past. I’ve only just got our accounts and tax returns sorted out for 2013/14 for Spend Matters, Procurement Excellence (my consulting firm, which doesn’t do that much now but still needs accounts), and our personal affairs, at which point you realise we are 75% through this financial year already. Ridiculous.

I’m afraid I don’t have any deep spiritual or religious beliefs personally, so it would be hypocritical to get into the real “meaning” of Christmas here. But we hope you have an enjoyable time, maybe see family and friends and remember that they are a big part of what makes life worthwhile, and perhaps think about others less fortunate than us. Enjoy your TV programme of choice, chocolate, turkey and mulled wine. And perhaps think about the time we all have, and how to make the most of it.

We will be back on Saturday with the beginning of our top albums of 2014 countdown, which will run over four days up to 31st December, when our album of the year will be revealed. Then back in earnest on Monday 29th with some real procurement stuff again, as well as the music.

You can still download our two amusing (well, that is the aim anyway) Christmas papers of course.

The Twelve Procurement Days of Christmas (sponsored by BravoSolution), is available for download here.

Dealing With Seasonal Fluctuations In Times Of Crisis featuring Father Christmas himself is available here courtesy of Trade Extensions

So Merry Christmas or seasonal winter* festival of your choice! See you soon...

* northern hemisphere readers only


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