MetalMiner on carbon trading and Jason’s adventure

A post over at our sister site, MetalMiner, gives a great description of how my colleague Jason Busch spent Teusday evening ..   If I say it involves blood, snowstorms and window latches perhaps I can encourage you to read on...

I saw him on Skype today and he he looks like he came off worst in a bar fight.. (one of those arguments about how you construct a multi-attribute evaluation model for services procurement, you know how easy it is to get people worked up over that sort of thing).

And while we're featuring MetalMiner, which is an excellent resource for anyone involved with or interested in the metals sector or buyers of metals, I found their feature on carbon trading in Europe fascinating and more than somewhat worrying; huge fraud and a market that apparently is  "more like a church raffle than a professional commodities market".

And remember, every Euro of this fraud is coming pretty directly out of European taxpayers' pockets...

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