Mid-Week Procurement News RoundUp

We're back with our short, sharp weekly news roundup of the smaller stories you may, or may not, have come across in your busy procurement week. The aim is not, on this occasion, to provide you with Spend Matters opinion, insight or analysis, but to bring you quick access to the market intelligence you may have missed or just don't have the time to curate for yourself. So here's our roundup of the interesting, useful or just plain 'ought-to-know-about' private and public-sector procurement stories we've found over this past week.*

Speed Read:

Public Sector Organisations Taking Longer than Stipulated by GDPR to Respond to Citizen Requests 

According to Bluesource, public sector organisations need to do much more to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation rule on providing information to citizens, reports Computer Weekly. Its research suggests they are failing to respond to 'subject access requests' in the legal timeframe. In a test, to 30 organisations, including the Bank of England, London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan Police, HM Treasury, Bexley London Borough Council and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the vast majority (84%) took significantly longer to respond than the 30 days they will have when GDPR becomes law. Read more here.

Shipping Supply Industry New Procurement Platform Launched

A Singapore-based company has launched a new 'maritime' procurement platform to connect buyers and suppliers to provide simplified buying and pre-priced logistics fulfillment. It claims to give the shipping industry transparent, data-driven, Amazon-type purchasing 'for the first time.' Marine and Offshore Supply Chain Optimisation Research and Development - Moscord - is set to be the largest sales and distribution network in the ship supply industry. Read more on Splah247.com.

Public Sector IT Buyers Neglecting To Report G-Cloud Savings

Computer Weekly says public sector IT buyers are still failing en masse to share data about the cost savings they may have accrued through using the G-Cloud framework. "G-Cloud users are expected to self-report details about the length and value of any contract they enter into via the framework by submitting a Customer Benefits Record or Returns (CBR) form to the government procurement chiefs at the Crown Commercial Service (CCS)," it says. Only a tiny fraction of the savings made have been tracked. A CCS spokesperson said it is very important that more IT buyers get on board with the initiative to help shape future frameworks. Fuller details here.

Global Media Trading Report - Marketers Struggle to Recruit In-House Buyers

A new report from ID Comms - 2018 Global Media Trading Report - says brands are struggling to recruit in-house buyers to take control of their media spending, and justify the cost. The findings in the report are based on 130 responses from media, marketing and procurement executives representing a wide variety of brands across various categories such as FMCG/CPG, retail, pharmaceutical, food and drink, technology, aerospace, transport, entertainment, automotive, luxury, finance, energy and telecommunications. Read more and access the report on Campaign.

Government Launches SME Late Payment Consultation

Last December, the UK government appointed a Small Business Commissioner in a newly-created position. One of his first initiatives was to launch a payment dispute resolution service for SMEs, and to release guidelines advising businesses on how to pursue late invoices and take action if necessary. Now the Chancellor has announced that a consultation will be opened into late payments to SMEs.  Read more here.

Great To Hear Of Movement Towards Plain Contracts

Forbes has run an opinion piece on the increasing demand for plain English contracts. Among other arguments it cites Shawn Burton, general counsel of GE Aviation’s Business & General Aviation and Integrated Systems businesses, making a strong plea to use clear and plain language in contracts. "The answer is that even for complex business contracting issues the basic language need not be obscure, opaque and unreadable. Burton says there is no value to “useless” boilerplate language, endless strings of synonyms, sentences that go on for page after page and outdated grammar." He writes: “A contract should not take countless hours to negotiate. Business leaders should not have to call an attorney to interpret an agreement that they are expected to administer ..."

Croydon Recommissions ICT Services and Contract Implementation In-House

Croydon County Council has announced it is changing its ICT delivery model by moving away from its current single-supplier ICT contract to a mix of specialist vendors managed by an in-house team. The ‘Good to Great’ programme plans to change the council’s internal ICT organisation to bring control and accountability for the new supply arrangements in-house. Croydon Council has appointed a digital partner, Rainmaker, using G-Cloud, to help it over a three-year period in a multi-sourcing programme that will implement new ICT capability across the council. Read more information on government computing.

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