Mid-Week Procurement News RoundUp

We're starting a short, sharp weekly news roundup of the smaller stories you may, or may not, have come across in your busy procurement week. The aim is not, on this occasion, to provide you with Spend Matters opinion, insight or analysis, but to bring you quick access to the market intelligence you may have missed or just don't have the time to curate for yourself. So here's our roundup of the interesting, useful or just plain 'ought-to-know-about' private and public-sector procurement stories we've found over this past week.

*Depending on 'procurement-world' events, we can't promise this will appear exlusively on a Wednesday, but we'll make every effort to do so. Look out for our tweets @spendmattersuk for a quick link to when it's published.

Speed Read:

UK adopts new rapid procurement process

Jane's 360 explains that the UK MOD has revealed it will adopt a new procurement process to rapidly acquire emergency equipment needed by troops deployed on operational missions. Urgent capability requirement (UCR) is a major change in policy to respond to field commanders more timely, and is to come out of the MoD’s own budget rather than the UK Treasury’s.

North East construction charter urges complete rethink on procurement

Chronicle Live reports Construction Alliance Northeast charter calls for authorities to focus more on increasing local contractor participation in a complete re-think on public procurement. North East Chamber of Commerce supports the call. The message to local authorities is to look beyond the box-ticking process which has seen so many regional, highly-experienced contractors locked out of the procurement process. "... And ...

Business and political leaders in East Anglia urge shake-up of public procurement system

This region's MPs have also encouraged local authorities as well as central government to be “smarter” about how they award contracts for work.

Purchase-to-Pay Is Considered to Be a Disruptive Trend

Global procurement intelligence firm SpendEdge completes report on seven trends reshaping purchase-to-pay. Paper is free to download upon request.

Green politicians say a “cosy leaders club” is running Suffolk councils

Suffolk’s council leaders have denied they have formed a secretive group controlling millions of pounds of public money through behind-the-scenes deals. It says, as well as being a forum for co-ordinating policies, it can also allocate some money raised through business rates in the county for projects of strategic importance.

Nottingham-based company recalls meat after 'concerns' raised over its supplier

Nottingham Post reports a Nottingham-based food business urgently recalled a number of its meats after its supplier received an unannounced inspection. Poole-based DB Foods elivers meat across the country to restaurants, airlines and butchers.

West Mercia Police reserve funds to be cut by £20 million

Shropshire Star - West Mercia Police has lived beyond its means for too long and changes need to be made, its Police and Crime Commisioner said, who added that he will cut police reserves funds by about £20 million in the next two years.

New rules in Ireland support PPPs

Office of Government Procurement has issued new guidance which opens the door to the establishment of new public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Ireland. Read more on Outlaw.com.



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