Mind the Performance Gap – New Future Purchasing Category Management Report Out Now

Future Purchasing has for some years been recognised by many in the procurement world as the leading consulting firm in terms of deep, useful and intelligent Category Management IP.  That ranges through guidance, tools and techniques, training and support to implementation programmes. Every couple of years, the firm has also produced an in-depth report based on an extensive survey, and the 2019-20 Global Category Management Report was launched recently at ProcureCon in Barcelona. As the firm says:

“This 4th Edition brings together the foremost technical and behavioural skills that facilitate breakthrough levels of team performance.  We have distilled the insights of 350+ procurement professionals and highlighted the top practices that will transform long-term value.”

The respondents came from many countries and industries to provide input to the report this time around, and the final product provides a valuable guide to progress across sectors, as well as lots of practical advice on how to implement and maintain a successful CatMan programme.

One interesting finding this time is that the gap between the leaders and the followers appears to be widening. So the best organisations are getting more out of CatMan, and have successfully embedded it in their procurement strategies and widely across their organisations. On the other hand, many still struggle, with stumbling blocks ranging from a lack of resources or skills, to limited acceptance from stakeholders or poor planning and project management of programmes.

That all means, according to the detailed analysis carried out under the leadership of Professor Marc Day of Henley Business School, that the best are getting more than three times the “value impact” of CatMan compared to the also-rans. The statistical analysis behind the numbers also identifies pretty clearly the really critical factors, with “4 key indicators” of CatMan success and “23 top practices” that will help any organisation move towards that leadership status.

There’s also a Foreword from Malcom Harrison, Chief Executive of CIPS, who explains the importance of category management as a key tool in the procurement armoury, and explains how it fits into the revised CIPS educational syllabus. He points out that procurement professionals need strong inter-personal skills, project and programme management understanding, and a general business awareness if they are to deliver successfully – along with the strong core of specialist procurement knowledge, including that connected with category management.

Ultimately, category management is a tool for delivering business and competitive advantage. Some are making the most of its potential; others are clearly not. Whatever your maturity and understanding at present, we’d thoroughly recommend you get hold of the Future Purchasing report and take a look. You can download a preview immediately and request a copy of the full document here.

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