MOD procurement on BBC radio tonight

OK, hope everyone had a good Christmas, let's get back to work here, people, lots to do in 2012 and.. what do you mean, it's still a Bank Holiday? Not in this house, it's not...

And if you're up for getting straight back into the knottiest procurement problems in (probably) Europe, you might want to listen to the BBC Radio 4 programme, "Buying Defence" at 8pm this evening, which is all about Ministry of Defence procurement.

Now, the newspapers got excited about this last week, reporting that MOD procurement might just be - in part or whole - outsourced to the private sector! Shock horror! Whereas of course all of you Spend Matters readers would know all about the three options that Bernard Gray, Chief of Defence Material, is likely to discuss tonight. We reported on them here in October.

As we said then, there are definitely arguments in favour of much greater private sector involvement - for instance, it might stop some of the political interference in defence procurement decisions, which has bedevilled the sector for years. But does MOD have the capability to be an "intelligent client" of private sector procurement bodies? MOD doesn't tend to come out of it too well when dealing with BAE Systems or Vospers; mega-programme managers such as Bechtel, Halliburton or KBR would be an even bigger challenge to handle we suspect!

Anyway, we'll be listening with interest later.


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