MOD update – the waiting is the hardest part*

Just a quick update. Last week we heard (from unofficial sources) some further and pretty shocking information about the MOD consulting contract with AlixPartners, let without any competition as we reported here. (And probably illegally, as we discussed here).

But I wanted to give MOD the chance to respond to our new information. The helpful chap in MOD told me on Wednesday that he had a response for me but it had to be cleared; and he did warn me that they might struggle to do it yesterday because "I am out of office on duty for a while". Which raises an interesting picture of a chap answering FOI responses in the Commercial section of MOD one day and perhaps jumping out of a chopper in Abbottabad the next...

Anyway, I haven't got my response yet.  If I don't have it by then, I'll let you know the "unofficial sources" story on Tuesday anyway.

We'll also be talking next week about the Government's apparent volte face on outsourcing, as reported by the BBC this week - very interesting.  Time to sell my Serco shares perhaps...

* just an excuse for this really.... what a great songwriter

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