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A couple of things I forgot to report re the CIPS dinner.  Firstly, the world of the Oscars or Brit Awards has come to CIPS;  Mark Perera of Procurement Leaders and a handful of other fashionistas were noticed wearing conventional black ties.  When I asked him if he had forgotten his 'real' bow tie, he looked at me pittingly and explained that, no, he hadn't.

"This",  he said,  pointing to his elongated, skinny piece of black material, "is what all the best people are wearing these days for black tie events".

Just because he's young, charming, handsome and talented he thinks he can get away with it- I vote we don't let him in next year....

I also had a brief conversation with a chap who better remain nameless, as he claimed to be the brains behind the Tory idea to publish government contracts (see previous posts here).  He may well be right as he is well connected... Anyway, when I pointed out some of the issues around this, he said, "Ah, but this is a game changer.  It will change public procurement fundamentally".

Unfortunately I can't remember if he explained what the hell he was about 1am at this point!  And it may well chnage things - but I am not fully convinced it will be for the better.

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  1. Mark Perera:

    Peter thanks for the mention and the kind comments. The tie was procured from Tie Rack on route to the dinner for the tidy some of £7.95. Think the skinny tied gentlemen was Alex Martinez from Procurement Leaders, who is far more in the know on fashion than I will ever be (or would want to be;))

    Personally I was quite impressed with myself wearing a tie a tie at all – whether it be skinny, normal or a bow tie. Not a big tie fan.

    As for next year, lets see whether I am still welcome. Seems like a lot of my friends are have been given an ultimatum on which parties they are allowed to attend.

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