More Hot News From Welsh Procurement, KFC and North Korea …

Two interesting procurement stories broke yesterday – we will come back to both on more detail early next week.

In the first, the Welsh National Procurement Service (NPS) hit the headlines, when a Welsh Assembly public accounts committee hearing this week claimed it has not achieved its objectives in terms of the amount of business going through its contracts and frameworks. The BBC also reported that Sue Moffatt, director of the NPS, has handed over responsibility to her deputy while a review of the organisation is carried out. That appears to be factually untrue (the BBC publishing fake news? Good heavens!). Politics in Wales with both a small and a capital “p” is highly factional and often brutal and we wonder how much of this is really political rather than about procurement, but we’ll look into it more closely and report back next week.

Secondly, Kentucky Fried Chicken announced they were reverting to their previous logistics supplier Bidvest, for the northern part of the country at least, following the disastrous problems experienced when they switched to DHL / QSL as we reported here. That’s an interesting decision, maybe a brave one, but it does suggest a few questions that again we’ll look into next week.

And of course, at a global level, yesterday we also had the announcement of what would be a historic  meeting between US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. More for us to ponder in terms of Trump’s negotiation strategy to date – as well as how he might approach it now. Fascinating stuff, and perhaps slightly more important than chicken.

Lots to look at next week!

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