More on IIAPS – a new force in procurement education?

I wrote here about CIPS and ISM mutual recognition and also mentioned the International Institute for Advanced Purchasing and Supply.  My mole, "Deep Tonsils" has now reported back from the first major public event run by IIAPS  last Friday in London.

Unfortunately, the volcano led to fewer attendees than planned, both speakers and delegates, but Tonsils (as he's known to his friends) said,

"It was a very good event and I was extremely impressed by the whole offering.  Positioning it as truly global is pretty unique and would seem to have some real competitive advantage".

IIAPS is offering three levels of qualification; Green, Red and Black Belt.  To achieve full professional membership - MIIAPS - candidates must complete the Institutes International Black Belt in Advanced Purchasing and Supply.

Tonsils continued,

"The material we saw was very impressive quality - all web based, a mix of lectures, PowerPoint type material and "avatar-based training videos"  (wow!).  There is a focus on case studies for the assessment; for instance building up a category procurement strategy from material provided".

There is no link with CIPS however; and even the Black Belt requires a lot less quantity of study than is needed to reach MCIPS.   But there seems to be real rigour in the assessment process; in fact "I worry that it may be pitched too high and could discourage some from applying".  But there are serious blue-chip organisations already  involved in the advisory body.

There is also a recognition that it is still (like CIPS and most education programmes) based very much on technical skills; there is less on behavioral, although that is recognised and "there could be further developments in that area."

The final word from Tonsils; "If Andrew Cox and colleagues can generate a cadre of people who go through this, it could become a pretty impressive club, with some serious credibility".

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