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Jason Busch has decided to save the US economy by getting behind the idea of using reverse auctions for all Government spend.  I'm not sure I would go quite as far as he does, but his description of the US public sector procurement process does make me glad I'm this side of the Atlantic!  At least we haven't had significant problems with suppliers funding politicians in an 'under the table' manner.  Have we??

Jason sees auctions as a major driver for more transparent procurement, and is particularly keen on getting his home state sorted out.

"I believe that Illinois, for a period of time, should be forced to run reverse auctions for every category of spend over a certain level (e.g., $50K) to shed light on possible former corrupt or collusive contracting practices."

I've also been in contact with David Wyld who is a US academic / consultant and expert on auctions and e-procurement, and has a very good website / blog here on the topic.  It is US focused, but interesting nonetheless. We'll keep in touch here with David and his thoughts on the topic.

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  1. pietro:


    I also think reverse or eauction are well usable for all those “not primarly” needed goods such as C material or less but never use it in a complex project with exception there where the engineer has defined the requisition perfectly (!) ……but this is not often the reality

    All the best
    Pietro M from the ITALCONSOR

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