More Ripping Yarns — Spend Matters Guest Articles 2018

In part one we reminded our readers of some of the most-read, most topical guest posts from the first half of last year. While we are still not too far into 2019, let's take a look at what interested readers most during the second half of the year.

Subjects varied across sectors and regions and covered current affairs, procurement technology, events, processes, top tips, legislation and so on. But over-archingly subject matter turned more towards the future of procurement. Here are a few from the second half of 2018; maybe they will pique your interest and even inspire you to get your procurement pen out:

What Do We Want To Be Famous For? - David Feavearyear, VP Indirect and Technology Procurement at Pearson.
With disruptive technologies in mind, a look at what our future function will, and won't, be famous for.

Top Tips for Effective CPO/CFO EngagementOmer Abdullah, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Smart Cube.
In that timeless classic, we look at what the CPO can do to ensure they align as closely as possible with the CFO?

Procurement of Tomorrow (or the day after that) Part 1 Ed Cross, Executive Director at Odesma Ltd.
Why procurement change is much heralded but is much slower than forecast. Part 2 is here.

Procurement To The Rescue – How Tighter Controls Can Help Prevent Invoice Phishing Scams - Abid Muhammad, IT Manager at State of Flux. Why organisations need purchasing to take better note of lower thresholds of spend.

How To Use An Approved Vendor List Without Limiting Innovation - Jaren Nichols, Chief Operating Officer at ZipBooks
An approved vendor list has its drawbacks, one is the tendency to cause company-wide stagnation, but that doesn’t mean it is without benefits.

What Do Rising Temperatures Mean for Food and Beverage Procurement?- Peter Wortsman, Cervest.
Procurement specialists should be better prepared to face increasing volatility - shouldn't they?

The Future of Procurement: Accurate Vendor Master DataAPEX Analytix.
94% of financial and procurement executives don’t completely trust their supplier master data - why not?

Bringing Consumer Technology To The Buying WorldEd Bradley, Co-Founder, Virtualstock.
In an age of Uber and Amazon where experiences are immediate and seamless, supply chain visibility investment is crucial.

That Moment When Technology Ruins Supplier Relationship Management - Gemma Howard-Sandy, consultant, Procuright.
Could your time-saving Business Process Management solution actually be slowing you down and ruining your Supplier Relationship Management? Part 2 is here.

What Is A World-Class Procurement Organisation? - Nic Walden, Senior Director, The Hackett Group.
How to achieve the performance advantage.

Is it time to retire procurement? James Bousher, Operations Performance Manager, Ayming.
Every now and then, a profession seems to go through a rebrand and reinvent itself as something new.

Why Is Workplace Expense Management So Painful? - Rodolphe Ardant, CEO and co-founder, Spendesk.
Traditional expense claim processes involve a great deal of hidden costs for companies.

We wonder what our first guest post of 2019 will bring ...


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