More top suppliers reach agreement with UK Government

It's getting hard to keep up with them; another bunch of providers have agreed MOUs with Government as part of the "negotiating immediate cost savings with major suppliers" initiative.

BT holds onto Government deal, says the Telegraph.

"The telecoms group's shares rose almost 3pc to 147.4p, having fallen earlier this week in anticipation of a contract not being renewed. However, all of BT's central government contracts remain in place after talks with Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude".

Siemens have also signed: as Computerworld says:

"Siemens declined to give exact details of the company’s agreement with the government, saying only in a statement that it had signed a “long term, strategic” agreement. There would be "short term operational savings that will translate into additional future benefit", it said, but declined to explain whether or not this meant short term cost cuts in return for more work in the long run."

Microsoft and Oracle are the other latest suppliers to announce agreement; again, with no real detail on any immediate price reductions or similar. Accenture settled last week, and in the usual pattern for these things said:

Under the agreement, all current contracts have been retained and will be delivered according to plan.

So far then, after 8 announcements, much relief from companies and shareholders, but no actual announcements of a single project being halted, a single detailed price reduction or service improvement.

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