MRO Sourcing Research, Commodity/PROcurement EDGE Recap

We're all rather bleary-eyed and hyped up on caffeine here in the US office following another successful rendition of our conference: Commodity/PROcurement EDGE. Today we'll feature coverage from that as well as a new paper on MRO Sourcing and a link to watch a webinar we did with Mickey North Rizza (of BravoSolution) where we spilled dozens of procurement maturity secrets. Here we go on conference goodies:

We're also pleased to announce a few new free research reports that you may find useful:

Everything You Wanted to Know About MRO Sourcing But Were Afraid to Ask - The effective sourcing of the most strategic and largest MRO areas requires that procurement organizations invest the time to segment their spend effectively by fully exploring different supplier options and understanding internal preference. This paper offers the strategies and tools to do just that!

Re-inventing Direct Procurement - In this report based on a recent study conducted with ISM, we highlight how and where direct procurement organizations are exerting their influence and leadership (or not) on the broader extended supply chain. We also examine the impact on performance, and specifically how more advanced organizations are implementing 11 key supply management activities that transcend traditional direct procurement.

20 Questions to Ask Before Writing an EDI, Supplier Network, or e-Invoicing RFP  - Simply staying on top of all of the on-ramps to connected systems and commerce is challenging enough – let alone selecting and implementing actual networks and having them to talk to buy-side systems (and each other). On Spend Matters PRO, we recently published twenty questions that customers should consider as early as possible when developing a business case and selection approach to the different EDI, supplier network, and e-Invoicing tools that are available.

We had the pleasure of hosting a webinar this morning featuring Mickey North Rizza of BravoSolution called "Shh... Procurement Maturity Secrets: Lessons from Top Performers." It was a fantastic event with some great insight from both Mickey and Jason Busch. Click here to watch the replay!


And in music...Lorde has released her full-length album Pure Heroine. You may remember that I was completely enamored by her Love Club EP, and after an initial somewhat disappointed listen, I had to step back and remember that this girl is only 16 and she's written this entire album on her own (not to mention she has the most incredible head of hair I've ever seen, which I suppose really has nothing to do with her musical prowess).

Anyway, here's my favorite track from the album, and I'm looking forward to see how she matures for her sophomore release. (I also love that she's been covering both Kanye West and The Replacements in her live shows!)

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