UK Government Consultancy Procurement – (some) Progress!

Our sources tell us that white smoke is finally rising from the Government Procurement Service chimney and the shortlists for the ConsultancyONE professional services frameworks are being announced as we speak - at least for some of the categories and lots.

We hear that means categories 1,4 and 5 bidders were informed last night if they've got through to the tender stage  - that covers "Multi Specialism Programme Delivery, Finance and Audit"  - the last two categories each containing 4 separate lots.

There is a "good mix of smaller firms and the big players", according to word on the street - but we haven't been able to get hold of the list yet.  Watch this space. That balance is key for GPS and central procurement generally - they need to show they are supporting SMEs, but equally a list that excludes the market leaders is unlikely to have credibility with the users of the framework.

The less positive news is that GPS have decided to phase the process, so the PQQ results for lots 2 and 3 (the functional consulting stuff) won't be announced until the tender submissions have gone in for categories 1, 4 and 5, in November. It's suggested that is on grounds of level playing field and not giving advantage to bidders who are involved in the 1,4 and 5 tenders, although I can't quite work that one out.

Anyway, some tangible progress!


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  1. life:

    It will be really interesting to compare (eventually) the profile of results of this with other, ahem, frameworks currently suffering inexplicable delay in tandem with this one. At this rate, we’d better hope the Mayan calender doesn’t intervene, however…

  2. Verity Smith:

    Thankfully the Pro5 consultancy framework is underway as well, which will engage more local and smaller consultancies, and is split into many more lots with the wider public sector in mind. Watch this space and I’ll tell you more when I can!

    1. Paul Howard:

      Unfortunately though Central Government Departments and their ALB’s won’t be able to use Pro5 arrangements due to the mandate to use GPS.

      1. David Gigg:

        Even without a mandate, it would be tricky for central govt departments to use the Pro 5 deals. I think it’s the local govt act (?) which prevents deals let by any of the local government buying organisations from being used by central government. Doesn’t work the other way round though so nothing stopping any public sector organisation using a GPS deal.

  3. Final Furlong:

    I imagine the reason your subconscious chose the analogy ‘white smoke from the chimney’ was because, to date, there’s been a greater chance of seeing the Pope than seeing this procurement draw to its conclusion. ‘Lean’ and 120 days? (I think not.)

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