Music and Football (Chelsea struggle to see off unlucky Sunderland)

I was going to do a music post this weekend but I'll put that on hold for a couple of days other than link you to a interesting new music website which has reviewed the new Delphic album (which I thought I might cover); perhaps the first much-anticipated indie album of 2010. As I say, I will come back to this and to a new comment from a  previous post from a Mr David Smith (no relation...)

Instead; a thank you to some very good and old friends of mine who are season ticket holders at Chelsea.  Knowing I am a life-long (born and bred) Sunderland fan, they kindly invited me to go to the match yesterday.  After a pretty horrible drive, we got to Stamford Bridge just in time for kick-off.  Within 18 minutes it was 3-0 to Chelsea; and although Sunderland scored twice, the end result was 7-2 and frankly it could have been 12 or 13.  Chelsea were stunning, Sunderland were...not stunning.  (For any US readers, a 7 - 2 deafet  in soccer is equiavlanet to about 56 - 16 in American Football).

That's the first time in about 3 years I've actually seem my team live.  Am I a bad omen? I always felt I was back in the days I saw them more regularly.  My friends have invited me back though.  As their daughter said  "I've never seen Chelsea score 7 before. Can you come every week?  In fact, can we play your team every week?"

Thanks a lot, Emily!

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  1. Adam Shoesmith:

    Did you have a good view of the Ashley Cole goal? Arguably the best three touch finish since Bergkamp against Argentina at the World Cup a few years back.

    Don’t worry about being a bad omen, I go to watch Ipswich about once a season and haven’t seen them win for about four years. This year’s appearance lived up to its billing, 4-0 down by half time. 🙁

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