Music to cheer us up….

It's a sad weekend and procurement, music and most other stuff seems a bit inconsequential right now.

We wouldn't normally do 2 music posts in a weekend either, but we saw the better side of human nature today at the West End Centre in Aldershot, where the annual Westival music festival sees the whole building turfed inside so you can enjoy that festival experience and sit on the soft grass without any danger of getting wet.

And it is an event that involves different elements of the community, from toddlers with earplugs bopping to the bands, old rockers having a few beers, and various charities raising money by providing teas or snacks for the kids. It's a real musical event as well though, showcasing local artists, and in the afternoon session, we heard three serious talents.

First of all, a young lady called Aimée - an extremely talented singer songwriter with a beautiful voice and a quiet but powerful stage presence (reminded me a little of Laura Marling). Here's  a video of her from a year ago - and a more recent studio recording - she's all of 16 now.

Aimée - Heroes - Live at Weyfest 2010

Aimée | Myspace Music Videos

Then we had the local heroes, Hipslinky. They've had a few ups and down over the years, but they're hard to beat for tuneful rock with a hint of funk and soul, and one of those bands that so easily could have been big - perhaps they still could? And this tune really should have been a radio regular and the theme to some big TV programme...

Finally, a new name for us - Flight Brigade. A touch of Fairport Convention, a hint of the Mumfords, with a bit of US country-rock (the Decemberists or Jayhawks maybe), and even some west-coast "Rumours" period Fleetwood Mac.... They're a 7 piece, fronted by 2 good looking chaps and 2 attractive girls - great vocals and all talented musicians as well.  There's so much luck involved , but you could see them playing the Emmys or on the Mercury short list in a few years time if the breaks go their way..

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  1. PlanBee:

    Flight Brigade –

    Nice video, bad bikes

  2. David Smith:


    Hope that you’re well and I continue (silently) to enjoy your posts!

    I’ve started to put together a new website for the band and we’re having a bit of a re-launch (new- and very good – guitarist now fully onboard) and we’ve already had a few gigs with the new line up and setlist.

    Do let me know what you think!

    Best Wishes,


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