Musical Archaelology (part 9) – Sparks

In honour of the Front Covers' (which he leads) stirring performance at the recent CIPS Supply Management Awards evening, and his rapidly approaching coronation as CIPS President (November 1st), here is David Smith's second piece of musical archaeology for us!

Unusual, eccentric, camp, bizarre, plain weird. All of these words can describe the wonderful Sparks as long as you include immensely talented!

Essentially, Sparks are LA's Mael Brothers (Russell - the bouncy curly haired one) and Ron - (the motionless Hitleresque/Chaplinesque one) who were embraced by Britain in the early seventies and have an array of (and possibly forgotten) hit singles and albums to their name. They embraced Glam, Rock, Techno, Pop and Dance in their 40 years and 2008 they played their 21 albums in their entirety on 21 successive nights in London.

I urge you to listen to Sparks music from 1970 right up to date although my favourites include Amateur Hour, No 1 in Heaven, Beat the Clock, Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth and the albums 'Propaganda' and 'A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing'. But if you've got time for only one single and one album then let it be 'This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us' (1974) and the seminal 'Kimono My House'!

Here's an old classic

And something to show how they look now!

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  1. Shareena Wickens:

    Gotta agree with these sentiments. Did you know that, despite the early demise of both the drummer Dinky Diamond and the guitarist Adrian Fisher from Kimono My House, the bassist Martin Gordon is still going strong at

    It’s a Sparks show!

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