Musical Archaeology part 4 – Los Lobos

Today's archaeologist is one of the most interesting men in Procurement - Paul Martyn, VP Global Marketing for BravoSolution. He looks like just another corporate guy, but as well as being a pioneer in a number of innovative procurement tech firms, he trained as a particle physicist and worked at the Fermi Lab particle accelerator, then re-trained as a chef and worked in some top Chicago restaurants before settling on software and procurement! A modern renaissance man one might say, with wide and informed musical tastes,  and he's chosen a band who are under-rated and I also love - (the Editor).

Los Lobos (“The Wolves”) are a multiple Grammy-award winning band from East LA (Los Angeles, CA).  Their music is a combination of Spanish, Mexican, Folk and Rock & Roll.

I first saw Los Lobos in the mid-80s when they opened for U2.  As a boy from Chicago, I immediately identified with their folksy, bluesy, Latin style and their charismatic and electrifying performance that evening.

In 1987 Los Lobos recorded several Ritchie Valens songs for the soundtrack to the Valens biopic ‘La Bamba’. The soundtrack (Number One, 1987) went double-platinum, and the success of the title track (Number One, 1987) and "Come On, Let's Go" (Number 21, 1987) suddenly lifted Los Lobos out of their bar-band, critics' fave status into the big time.

They can switch with ease from genuine Spanish / Mexican folk to tuneful and energetic rock with ease, and they're talented songwriters as well as great performers.  More than 35 years after forming, Los Lobos still tour regularly and continue to be a consistent and prolific band with nineteen albums, most recently Tin Can Trust which was released in 2010.

Well worth checking out - start with "Just Another Band from East LA" ( a 41-track "Best of" collection) or "How will the Wolf Survive" as a single album.

(Editor's note - here's one of my favourite songs of all time, "One Time, One Night")


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