Musical Archaeology – your turn?

If you've been enjoying our series on "musical archaeology" - great bands that have dropped out of the public eye and / or become under-rated or forgotten - here's your chance to make a name for yourself in terms of your superb musical taste!

We're looking for more contributors, so if you'd like to nominate a musical archaeology choice, drop me an email with your suggestion. As long as I don't think your choice is TOTALLY off beam  (this is a broad musical church but I may draw the line at Matt Monro), then all we need is 100-200 words from you and a suggested track from YouTube or similar to feature.

Thanks and look forward to your ideas!

And in the meantime, in case you're missing your Friday video - here is the best use of a whip in a popular song, ever. This was my favourite song when I was very, very young...

And I just love the talking bit at the end. Best use of talking in a song? No, not quite, that honour goes to the Chi-Lites with the transcendentally sad "Have you seen her"...

"One month ago today, I was happy as a lark..."

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First Voice

  1. Brian Mooney:

    just came across your blog and had to commend your musical selections and reviews – in particular, Bombay BC and Antlers.
    In terms of ‘great but forgotten bands’, I have always thought The Bodines were one of the finest examples of 1980’s indie and that their only album ‘Played’ deserved more recognition. Have a listen.

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