Musical bites – and a competition!

A couple of musical soundbites today, in advance of next weekend’s monthly music review.

Talking of next week’s review...  I am still considering whether a certain new album will score my first ever 10 out of 10 rating in next week’s review.  Or do I chicken out and go for 9.5? Anyway, I mentioned this on Twitter the other day, and got some guesses as to what it might be – no, Mark Perera, it isn’t One Direction.

So I thought it might be fun to turn that into a competition here.

The first person to guess what it is – one guess only per person – will win a copy of that album (whether they want it or not) and a copy of Peter Cook’s excellent new book, “The Music of Business”, reviewed here.

So you can “comment” here, or email me at psmith(at) Or submit on Twitter - send to @gpetersmith.  One clue only – the album was released in the UK this month.  One prize only, one entry per person, first one I receive based on the time of the comment / email wins....

Moving away from my tastes and preferences, after David Atkinson’s excellent new website and paean to vinyl, we have someone else with procurement connections getting into the musical blogging business. If you’ve been around a while in the profession, you may remember Mark Whitehead, one of the most talented journalists ever to work with Supply Management magazine. He also co-wrote “Buying for Business”, with Christopher Barrat, and still pops up writing and doing PR work in our space.

I knew Mark was into music, but I didn’t know he played and had quite such a deep interest until he pointed me towards his new site, “Music and All That”.  His angle is exploring the more technical side of things, so if you want to know why the chord at the beginning of “A Hard Day’s Night” sounds quite so unusual and thrilling, and indeed what it is in musical terms, Mark will explain.  Great stuff for musos everywhere.

Finally, I thought I’d leave you with a rather wonderful new track and video from a young London-based band – this is Wolf Alice and their new single, “Fluffy” (Or is it Fluffy with their new track “Wolf Alice”? No, I think it is the former).  Nothing much to say other than – keep up the good work, people, and hope to see you at Reading Festival in August!

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Voices (7)

  1. Sheena Moore:


  2. Frank Tudor:

    My vote is split between either Pedestrian Verse by Frightened Rabbit or Wolf’s Law by the Joy Formidable. For the prize – Frightened Rabbit!

    1. Peter Smith:

      The closest yet, in that I will be giving Frightened Rabbit a very good review this weekend! but not 10/10. And the right answer is quite different in many ways…. (Joy Formidable was last month btw).

  3. Guy Allen:

    Paul, you’ve clearly not read enough of Peter’s music reviews! Nick Cave is so last century.

    I’ll go for the Villagers, but I think it might have come out in January

    1. Paul Wright:

      Well my other thought was MBV, but really is so last century.

      I just can’t keep up these days. I still think of the Libertines as new…

  4. AndyB:

    I’ll get in early with Foals’ new one.

  5. Paul Wright:

    Hmm. Two albums getting raves at the moment. I’ll go for nick cave and push the sky away.

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