NATO Technology Innovation Conference is coming to Prague

On March 12, a rather special event is taking place in Prague, which, whether you are senior government official or senior exec of a large enterprise, or from civilian or military institutions, civil society, or academia, and have an interest in collaborating for innovation for the wider good, you might wish to consider attending.

The conference will discuss innovation within NATO and its member states, with a view to sharing and harnessing ideas and best practice on the challenges that traditionally have prevented the adoption of emerging technologies for societal good, and the solutions that have proven successful.

The goal is to build an innovative ecosystem to strengthen the resilience of member states against both old and new threats, and drive national commitments to innovation in defence. The event is part of an ongoing drive to build an ‘innovative ecosystem’ which supports open innovation by collecting input and ideas from a wide range of individuals and organisations to reduce barriers to innovation and emerging technology uptake.

It is organised by DefSec Innovation Hub, a collaborative platform for education and partnership to drive innovation in defence and security, and Public Spend Forum, a community that promotes open government markets, in partnership with the NATO ACT Innovation Hub and the Czech Technical University, and supported by the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade. They are inviting senior interested parties to take part in this landmark event.

As Kristina Soukupova, PhD, President of DefSec explains:

‘The conference is a very important step in building an innovative ecosystem in CEE, which feeds into innovation in the wider NATO Innovation Network.’

The event will take the following course and cover these themes, with updates to come:

  • A welcome and introductory session from the Czech Technical University and NATO ACT will discuss the current initiatives within NATO, and how it works towards driving innovation. This will be followed by the role of innovation in the Czech Armed Forces from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and then a Q&A session on Czech Innovation Strategy.
  • One of the key themes will be Quantum Technologies in Defence and Security from Amazon Web Services and the Czech Academy of Sciences, covering the possible applications and use of quantum technologies within the armed forces.
  • Complementing this theme in the afternoon will be ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics’ presented from the world of academia, discussing the pros and cons of AI for organisations to consider. The development of AI and its practical use in government and the latest trends in robotics, will be discussed by experts from the industry.

It is worth noting that, in partnership with DefSec Innovation Hub, attendees of the event will be eligible for the AWS Activate Program, which provides start-ups with the low-cost, easy to-use infrastructure they need to scale and grow. In a workshop session, AWS will be demonstrating developments in its applications and platform for AI and quantum computing.

The day will culminate in a reception and networking opportunity, and presents a great opportunity to be involved in shaping how we develop, procure and implement innovation to enhance the lives of us all. CEO and founder of Public Spend Forum, Raj Sharma, confirmed:

"The NATO Innovation Conference is another step forward in driving a community focused on accelerating the adoption of technology and driving national security outcomes for all member nations."

The NATO Innovation Conference will take place:

March 12, 2020

At the Czech Technical University in Prague

Registration is open now and you can read more about the event and register to attend here.

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