NDA Procurement Challenge – Court Judgement Deserves To Be a Best-seller!

OK, put down whatever book you’re currently reading. Forget the new Harry Potter theatre script, or the summer “bonkbuster”. Ignore the Times, the Guardian and the Parrot-Fanciers’ Weekly. You might even put Supply Management on hold for a week or so …

The judgement from the recent court case which saw the NDA (nuclear de-commissioning authority) lose a challenge made by the unsuccessful bidder for the huge contract to clean up power stations is now available. And it is this summer’s essential read!

No, I’m not joking and Mr Justice Fraser is my new hero.  I haven’t read every word, but started this morning, and suddenly an hour had gone by without me noticing. It is unexpectedly gripping, even though it runs to 943 legal paragraphs plus several appendices - 336 pages in total.

No doubt the NDA is hoping not many people read it, because it is truly shocking as well. There is enough material in here for many articles from us, a veritable litany of how not to run a huge and sensitive procurement process. Some of the NDA's claims (excuses) in court would be laughable if it weren't for the £100 million bill for the taxpayer that their incompetence is likely to cost us.

More next week but if you have a spare hour / day / week or two, take a look here … it is fascinating for anyone with an interest in public procurement.

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