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From our own conversations with practitioners over the years it is clear that many procurement organisations are still no closer to moving from manual sourcing techniques to electronic ones. It’s a conundrum, since most firms are fully aware that electronic sourcing will eliminate paper, reduce process time, remove complexity, achieve consistency and compliance and drive significant savings, for both direct and indirect spend categories.

So we’ve put together a webinar on July 9th to provide firms with answers to all the questions they might have about departing from manual processes, or deciding where to start down the e-sourcing route, or what to look for in a good solution – or all three.

We are teaming up with leading supplier of e-procurement solutions Wax Digital (a Medius company) to discuss why e-sourcing is such an important part of the overall procurement process. We’ll be looking at how the whole process, from inviting potential suppliers to tender, collecting supplier information, running tender processes, analysing and evaluating responses and finally, awarding contracts can benefit procurement, the supplier relationship and the overall business.

In ‘How to stop hand-cranking the manual sourcing wheel’ we’ll start with the basics:

  • When and why you should begin thinking about electronic sourcing

And explain:

  • What’s involved in actually implementing a solution, including:
    • Choosing the right software
    • Getting stakeholder buy-in
    • Setting it up
    • Making it stick

And we’ll dive deeper into:

  • How to build out a more effective sourcing strategy, underpinned by technology
  • What sort of returns should you expect
  • How you build those into a business case for investment

Our GM Jenny Draper, with many years of experience managing the sourcing projects of global enterprises, will be leading the discussion, and Daniel Ball, director, along with Jurgita Andrijauskaite, eProcurement consultant, from Wax Digital will be sharing their knowledge and offering their expertise to answer your questions.

For any firm that is stuck with old, out-of-date systems and is thinking about making the move to a modern cloud solution, or is uncertain about what to look for or how to get their business to sit up and listen to why it’s a good investment, then this webinar is for you. Join us for 60 minutes of your time well spent with the experts, including time for audience Q&A.

Thu, Jul 9, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm BST/+1 CET

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