What Do I Need to Know About My Suppliers? Webinar Two Weeks Today

It’s just two weeks now to our webinar with BravoSolution (February 13th) as part of the Real World Procurement series, titled “What Do I Need to Know About My Suppliers”. You can book here for the event.

We are going to start the session by asking why supplier information is important, and defining all the different types of information that can be useful or essential – and why. We’ll then get into the growth in the regulatory side of information management and corporate social responsibility too, as those areas are in some ways linked.

We’ve seen that in certain industries more than others (financial services, for example), but all of us now need to understand the requirements in terms of issues such as reputational risk as well as the “hard” regulations in areas such as corruption and most recently the GDPR (general data protection regulations) initiative, which is a big issue for most organisations in 2018.

This isn’t going to be a webinar solely about GDPR, we’d stress, but we will take a look at what lies behind it, what it means and how procurement practitioners might need to address some of the relevant issues  – pretty soon. (Make that very soon).

We’ve also got what we think are some interesting thoughts on segmenting suppliers, and why the traditional supplier segmentation approaches that might be fine for your supplier relationship management strategies and discussions don’t always work in this new more regulated world. Its not just your “strategic” or “collaborative” supplier stratum where GDPR is going to be an issue, for example.

And finally, we’ll talk about something that might be a bit of a dilemma for the Procurement function. Do we embrace these emerging roles as a sort of regulatory guardian, an administrator of complex governance requirements? Or might there be some downsides in that role as well as positives?

Join me on February 13th for about 45 minutes of my thoughts followed by plenty of time for questions and discussion. It’s at 4pm UK time, 5pm most of Western Europe, 11am East Coast USA … etc. and you can register here, free of charge of course.

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