Help needed! What on earth are Westminster Council going on about?

Please read page 23 of the new Supply Management magazine (yes, I know I don't normally ask you to read that venerable journal). Doesn't seem to be available on line yet.

Then tell me what on earth the director of HR at Westminster Council is going on about? I will study it over the weekend but I can honestly say I have no idea what it means or what he's trying to get over to us - have they disbanded procurement? Outsourced it? Merged it with HR? Delegated it? Stuck a flag on it and called it a sandcastle?

The funniest thing is that it says, in the 'How it works at Westminster' section:

"We take time to learn each other's language while demystifying our own by avoiding buzzwords and acronyms".

That follows a sentence earlier that goes:

" We can blame institutional complexity and joint failure to standardise specifications or a silo mentality but the greatest single cause is our failure to develop collaborative working models".

No buzzwords there then.

Seriously, readers, do help me out...

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  1. Simon:

    What is he director of if he has disbanded the HR department?

  2. Dan:

    My favourite bit:

    “HR and Procurement are built of skeletons of unskilled activity that can be done by others faster, better, and more cheaply than we can do it”.

    Essentially the director of HR admitting that his team don’t know what they’re doing…

    Quite why he’s singled out HR and procurement but no others is a bit strange

  3. Paul Neill:

    Peter, I think he’s trying to say “We’re rubbish at working together”.

  4. Dan:

    1. “Procurement is being decentralised”
    2. “HR is being forced to use procurement for its temporary labour and gifts instead of doing in its own cowboy fashion. This is relatively small beans these days, but its the best I’ve got, so I’ll make it sound like a real accomplishment”
    3. “Woohoo! I’m being interviewed! I must be important! Even though I have nothing original or innovative to talk about!”

  5. bitter and twisted:

    Its in the blog section of the website

    I think he means: “I like big dinners and comfy chairs”

    1. Final Furlong:

      Indeed. And I quote “If we want our service teams and external providers to penetrate our fortresses then we need to open the gates and let them in”

      He needs to get out more. And stop watching Little Britain.

  6. Final Furlong:

    In many organisations, HR is an acronym for Human Remains

    1. Peter Smith:

      Well he does say “both HR and procurement are built of skeletons…..”
      Jane Smith

      1. Final Furlong:

        Make no bones about it, you’re just ribbing me.

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