New Associate Sponsors – we welcome CombineNet and Achilles

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed two new logos just over there to the right, and we're delighted to welcome our new Associate Sponsors to Spend Matters UK / Europe. They continue the trend of our existing sponsors in being genuinely top-class firms and, from what I've seen so far, really good people to work with.

I've known Achilles for many years and they are a fascinating company; based near Oxford, but far larger and more international (600 staff in 23 countries...) than most people in procurement realise, as we said when we wrote about them here. Their core services around supplier information and risk management are more relevant today than ever, and they have impressive coverage across the supply chains to some very important industries, such as natural resources and utilities.

With CombineNet on board, we've pretty much got a full house of sponsors who provide the leading sourcing platforms in the world! Advanced or high-definition sourcing, optimisation, expressive bidding... whatever we call them, these leading edge sourcing tools and techniques should be understood by every procurement person, and CombineNet are one of the major global players in this field. (And we''ll be writing a lot more about this topic through the summer).

We'll be giving a more thorough background to both Achilles and CombineNet in the next few days, but thanks again to them for their support.

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