New Bands for Reading / Leeds Festivals – Pure Love, Django Django, and Here We Go Magic

Today we’ve got some more of the lesser known bands who are playing the giant Radio 1 / NME tents at Reading and Leeds Festivals at the end of August.

Frank Carter, the ex lead singer of Gallows, is now leading his new band, Pure Love. I found the Gallows punk hardcore style a little too intense, earnest and shouty personally. But Carter’s new venture is at the somewhat less heavy end of metal, sounding more like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi or even (whisper it) the Darkness. Not a bad thing in my book, and what is also clear is that Frank can really sing rather than merely yell! Here is their first release, Bury My Bones, and rather excellent it is too!

Like Friends who we featured yesterday, Here We Go Magic are from Brooklyn. The brainchild of Luke Temple, who started out solo then got a band together, the expanded line-up has been described as "psychedelic electro-folk" and walking "the line between ambient hypnotica and melodic indie rock".

No, I have no idea what that means either. But having listened to their recent album, A Different Ship  it is very good, with some stand out tracks – including this, How Do I Know, (love the video too)! They’re the first band on in the tent on Saturday (Leeds) and Friday (Reading) - that means an early start if you want to get your wristbands and be in there for a noon start...

Django Django’s first album got a pretty rave review in the NME earlier this year, and 5 stars in the Guardian. They’re described as “psychedelic and fusion”, which all sounds a bit intimidating, but actually what I’ve heard is a lot more accessible and listenable than that. Their strongest influence is the Beta Band if that means anything to you (not a lot to me, that’s a band I never got into really). But Django Django have decent tunes and it’s all highly rhythmic – I’m afraid you may see a bit of Dad-dancing if you’re unlucky enough to spot me, Sunday 2pm-ish at Reading, (see you there), Friday at Leeds.

Here’s a track from the album, “Storm”.

Late news – have now listened to most of album – IT IS ACE! My new favourite band – wait a minute, that’s Of Monsters and Men (see yesterday). Or maybe Here We Go Magic.. oh well, roll on August 24th! Still tickets available I believe....

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