New BravoSolution white paper on the Knowledge Economy

The latest BravoSolution White Paper is available to download now - Michael Lamoureux writes about the "Knowledge Economy - is your Supply Chain ready?"

I think actually it is more about whether your procurement or supply chain function - and the individuals within it - are ready, but quibbling about the title aside, it's a very good read.

It starts with a discussion about why knowledge is increasingly important in our world today, and highlights why supply management organisations need to take the issue seriously. But then it goes in a direction I hadn’t expected from the title – the paper doesn’t particularly focus on knowledge management in the sense of capturing and promulgating internal knowledge within the organisation (which is how I’ve usually seen the term used.)

Rather, it looks at the different routes and options through which individuals can develop their procurement and supply chain knowledge. And Lamoureux puts the importance of this into context-

Given the impending global talent shortage that is going to exacerbate over the next five years as the baby boomer generation heads into (overdue) retirement, the supply chain is going to be hit hard – at a time when it needs talent most.

He is then both very interesting and quite acerbic about some of the different types of organisations who would like to sell you knowledge as a procurement practitioner – consultants, academics, Institutes and software firms among them! To give you a flavour, here here is on universities:

“... a few universities have attempted to create logistics or supply chain focused programs, but even some of these are, as I said in my post on Sourcing Innovation where I asked if we could fix supply chain education, more outdated than bell-bottoms in one or more ways. This is because most of the professors only have expertise in one or two areas, and the rest of the program is still grounded in decades-old operations research theory. Traditional operations research theory, which is often very factory focused, is not a sufficient foundation for an individual to excel in managing today’s complex global supply chain environments”.

Perhaps some of our academic readers would like to comment on that (Chris?)!

But he doesn’t just criticise – he ends up with some good advice on “the right choice" – which education and knowledge options might best suit your organisation, depending on a number of criteria around your current status and position.

Well worth a read – click on the BravoSolution “lead sponsor” banner on the right of this page and register for a free copy of the Paper.

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