New CIPS website – a huge improvement

The new CIPS website has gone live at last. The old one was looking more and more tired and was never particularly user friendly, so this was a very necessary development.

And what an improvement - I think it looks really good, and while I haven't spent too long trying it out, navigation and signposting seem much better. There are new features as well, like "Ask the Expert" (Ian Schollar of CIPS being designated as that person) which might be entertaining - let's see if we can think of some good challenging questions...

The "Media Centre" is a bit bare at the moment, and I suspect there are other areas of the site that still need populating, so no doubt it will get more useful over time. The list of Board members also has two spelling mistakes in it ... see if you can spot them! I warn you, that is one part of the site that is not so easy to find. (And of course, they may get corrected by the time you read this..)

But it looks very good - congratulations to everyone involved.

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