A new feature – “Procurement Question of the Week”

The blog format doesn't particularly lend itself to ongoing discussion in that posts drop off the page quickly (if it is regularly updated).  But getting comments from readers and stimulating debate seems to us a key, very enjoyable part of what we're doing - as well as providing useful views from  the hundreds of readers who may well know more about the subject than the author!

So we're going to start a new feature  - "Question of the Week".

We're inviting you to send in questions on any topic - you can just pose a question as a comment to any post if you want to follow up on that issue; or send a specific question on ANY procurement issue to me at: psmith@procurementexcellence.com or Sheena Moore (my US based editorial colleague) at smoore@azulpartners.com

Each Friday we'll give you our considered response, plus review the comments we've had on the question, and where appropriate get a contribution from our panel of  drunk CPOs we found down the pub specially chosen procurement gurus.  It can be around procurement technology - in which case Mr Busch may well take the lead -  procurement process or best practice, EU regulations...whatever.

We'll feature a question every Monday.  We may even offer a prize for the best comment; let's see how it goes! I can feel a Spend Matters mouse mat coming on ...(only joking).

So if you feel you have an interesting question, or an answer to a question to offer, please do contribute.  We'll post our first question later today.

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