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If you're looking for some thrilling summer beach reading, look no further:

Supplier management lessons from Honda and Toyota

Can Supplier Management Be Saved? Analysis and Technology Overview

New research examines key advantages and recent developments in supplier relationship management with lessons from Honda and Toyota, and looks at problems many companies face in this realm - and what they can do to address them.

Conflict Minerals compliance with tools you already have? It's possible...

Conflict Minerals Compliance: Integrating Spend Analysis and Supplier Management Technology

It's high time for someone to provide a contrarian view on Conflict Minerals compliance technology: organizations should be as "green" as possible by leveraging tools within their current solutions portfolio. How? We see significant promise in supplier management and spend analysis. And check out our webinar on the topic too!

No company is one-size-fits-all, especially regarding technology selection.

E-Sourcing: Criteria for Selecting a Provider

Having taken a close look at over fifty sourcing (and related tools) in recent quarters – working with dozens of practitioners on shortlist and selection processes – it is our belief that a one-size-fits-all 2/2 ranking for all vendors is not terribly useful in the real world of sourcing technology adoption and use. Find out how to properly choose an e-sourcing provider in this research!

Upcoming webinar!

Lessons from Leaders in Direct Procurement

Our Chief Research officer Pierre Mitchell will feature the results of a quantitative research study (if you'd like to participate, please do so here!) conducted by Spend Matters and the Institute for Supply Management, including qualitative interviews with advanced supply chain organizations that are pushing the boundaries of direct procurement excellence.

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Last week, I went to see the Smith Westerns and was pleasantly surprised by their opener, MNDR. Her synthy dance pop comes with solid live vocals and an extremely entertaining, energetic show:

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