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Anyone who reads our Friday roundup of news stories from Public Spend Forum Europe (PSFE), our public sector site, will have noticed that they are now being directed to Public Spend Forum. That’s because PSFE has joined forces with, and is now part of, the global Public Spend Forum.

Public Spend Forum is a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public sector market. It has a more global role, which is to deliver the latest news, category and market intelligence, flexible learning resources, and networking / collaboration opportunities to help public sector workers create value in public procurement and the public sector market. Our articles, news stories and more are being published on the Europe part of the site, with reach across to the different global microsites, where applicable.

So you will notice that PSFE has remained stagnant as a site over the past few weeks as we cease to print articles there – but do pop over to Public Spend Forum where you will find the same breadth and frequency of material – in fact more. Through collaboration with the network and use of our knowledge resources, the PSF platform enables government professionals to deliver value faster, align buyer/suppliers, reduce costs and improve overall performance and just stay up to date with market trends. At the same time, suppliers can learn about government needs, how best to navigate the complex government markets, and collaborate with stakeholders across the market. We are hoping this will become a valuable and useful tool for all public sector workers.

It requires a very simple and quick one-time account setup  – which costs nothing – to become part of the community. Then you can just dip in and out as you wish, read what you want, contribute and network if you want to – or not. You will find a newswire, collated from around the European portals each week, recent articles and perspectives, best practice resources, discussions, podcasts, all updated regularly – and we are open to members writing or adding opinion too, so if you want your voice to be heard or you simply want to ask questions from the rest of the community, this is the ideal opportunity.

A bit of housekeeping:

The link Public Spend Forum will take you to the main global site, mainly featuring more US-focused and rest of world articles but still incorporating standard best practice for everyone. From there you can navigate along the top menu to ‘Europe’ or follow the link under ‘Global Best Practice’ / ‘Public Spend Forum Europe,’ to reach more UK and other European country stories.

We are endeavouring to make this a versatile, easy to access hub for all public procurement professionals – and citizens – who have an interest in making the public sector marketplace more transparent, collaborative, efficient and knowledgeable. Do come and join us – we’re sure you will find something of interest.

Do note that the current Public Spend Forum Europe site will eventually disappear, but we will pull our most read and most useful articles and archive them on the new site. Look forward to seeing you there – and if you are following us on @publicspendeu – do switch over to @PSpendForum to follow our latest developments and news stories and best practice.

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